Deloitte, a US research company, announced in 2018 that large companies that will introduce “machine learning”, one of artificial intelligence (AI), into their businesses and services will double in 2017. Thus, the number of companies focusing on AI is increasing year by year, and the demand for IT personnel in various industries is increasing. In this issue, we will introduce examples of AI introduction by companies and the rising demand for IT personnel.

Computerization of companies advancing regardless of the industry

Nowadays more and more companies are adopting AI in any industry. According to a survey conducted by Mainichi Shimbun targeting major 121 companies in Japan in 2017, nearly 50% use AI for part of their business, and it is hoped that it will reach nearly 70% when including companies that are scheduled to introduce You In this way, Japanese companies are actively promoting AI.

Example of AI introduction by a company

Here, I would like to introduce some of the unique use cases of AI that companies have introduced.

Development of beauty counseling application using AI by Shiseido

Shiseido acquired the US venture company Giaran in 2017 and is developing an AI-based beauty counseling app. Specifically, Giaran possesses technology such as makeup advice, color matching, and personal consulting, in addition to technologies for virtually making up and returning to bare face. These technologies can be applied to mobile devices, tablets and PCs, and will be used by all makeup skincare brands under Shiseido’s umbrella.

Inquiry response service using AI by Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group

Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, a subsidiary of SMBC Nikko Securities Co., Ltd., has introduced a service in which AI responds to inquiries about account opening methods, stock prices, and stock of investment trusts using the free communication application “LINE”. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation has introduced a system in which AI translates telephone inquiries from customers and the candidate answers are shown to the person in charge.

Use of AI in a ramen shop

In order to provide a service based on the number of visits, a ramen store “Chicken Pota THANK” introduced a “cloud-type“ customer hospitality service ”that utilizes AI and robots. Customers can register their face on a dedicated mobile application and show the face to the communication robot “Sota” before buying food tickets, and face recognition is performed and they can receive topping services according to the number of visits.

The expanding IT industry and the growing demand for IT personnel

According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry , the development of IT has resulted in a shortage of 170,000 IT engineers, and the shortage will continue to grow, reaching 370,000 by 2020. Despite this lack of human resources, the IT industry continues to expand with the expansion of IoT, artificial intelligence, and SNS services. As mentioned above, various companies are actively adopting AI, and many companies need IT personnel.

With the increasing demand for IT personnel, it goes without saying that acquiring knowledge such as programming will broaden the opportunities for future activities. If you are thinking about changing your career now, first of all, think about acquiring IT knowledge.


At the same time, IT is being promoted in various companies, and the demand for IT personnel is also rapidly increasing. Having IT technology in such a situation will be a great strength to work in any industry.

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