Not long ago AI was busy with the world by playing an active part in Shogi and Zen. In the world of table games, there are people who understand that the power of AI passes and that they are going to make new efforts against AI. Can AI create creative activities that are unique to humans? This time I will talk about people who want AI to write a novel.

What kind of novels made by AI?

A novel made by AI in 2015 has passed the first screening of the “3rd Star Shinichi Prize”.

That day was an overcast day with low clouds. Inside the room, as always, the optimum temperature and humidity. Yoko is sitting on the couch in a sloppy manner and killing time in a silly game. (Quoted from “the day when the computer writes a novel”)

This is part of a novel written by AI. This work was made from an AI project called “I am a creator of artificial intelligence project”. As Shogi AI and others can also win the masters, the prospects for the future have been seen to some extent. So this project aimed to create a new form of AI. Prof. Hitoshi Matsubara, who worked on the project, thought that it would not be possible to give sensibility to AI as a new goal following Shogi AI. And as part of that, it came to write a novel that requires creative ideas.

Until now, AI has solved problems by analyzing vast amounts of data, and it was like sophisticated analysis software. It is quite difficult to create a novel AI that aims to understand the movement of human emotions from there. In fact, at the current stage, AI’s power is about 20% and that of human beings is about 80% for fiction created by AI. What AI can do now is to select human-made stories, select corresponding Japanese, and compose sentences. For example, one thinks about the composition and format of the story, such as “I talk about the weather first” and “I talk about the main character,” and AI chooses a suitable word and writes sentences.

Although it is far from the AI ​​image that is the goal, it is said that AI’s work is characterized by its unique AI features, and research is being conducted to create authorship. Professor Matsubara says that if this can be realized, AI may be able to analyze his favorite authorship / style and write a novel accordingly.

Can AI make a 100% novel? And is that interesting?

It is possible for AI to make a 100% novel at this time. However, improvements are still needed in terms of whether the context is out of habit or the novel is interesting. AI creates sentences by programming. If your work is a series of three stories of about 400 characters, you can create about a million kinds of stories. However, AI can not read sentences at this time. Even if you can write a sentence, you can not understand its contents. For example, suppose that the word “me” appears in an AI novel. AI does not understand “I” as the first person used by men among humans. I only understand the word me like a symbol. However, problems unique to that AI may bring new innovation to the novel. AI is now winning in board games in ways that humans have not previously expected.

That is because until now people have been using the method of fighting, saying “It’s better not to fight this way,” side by side fairly and choosing the best way without removing it. AI can unavoidably capture the silly ways humans have ever overlooked. It is possible in principle that AI predicts human sensitivity and writes a novel. Whether AI can write novels that are interesting to humans depends on humans. AI seems to have many potentials.


So far we have talked to AI about how you can write a novel, how was it? I think there are many who doubt that AI writes a novel. However, a long time ago I had no idea that I could do something like a smartphone. The development of the IT world is very fast. What is unbelievable now is the world that will become commonplace in the future. Do you not learn IT that develops and spreads like this? Learning IT will surely enrich your life.

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